Uncovered: Ventureburn lists South Africa’s fintech ecosystem

Uncovered: Ventureburn lists South Africa’s fintech ecosystem

Financial technology, or Fintech as the buzzword goes, is a hot topic in the international startup industry. Companies launching in this space are usually looking to disrupt banking institutions, the way money is handled, or empowering those without access to cashless payment systems.

In SA, these startups cover a broad range of industries, from Blockchain to Lending, and even Remittance. It’s an industry that has gained phenomenal traction with the likes ofPayFast, FinCheck, and BitX making waves in SA.

Ventureburn has created an infographic on all of the companies that we know about and categorised (in a broad sense). Of course, startups start up or close down, which means we may have even missed a few. Let us know and we’ll add them into the next revision.

Click on the image below to see a larger version.

This article was written by Ventureburn: http://ventureburn.com/2016/09/uncovered-ventureburn-lists-south-africas-fintech-ecosystem/

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