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GeoPay is a payment system for cross-border settlements in over 20 countries

We settle cross-border payments through an easy and faster user experience integrating local currencies in emerging markets

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International settlements in over 20 countries

Stablecoin cashout

Selected countries cashout stabecoins with local currency

Online payments

Merchants payments in over 50 online platforms

Lightning network

Instant payments anywhere in the world

Contact-less payments

Instore contact-less payments.

Deposit and withdrawal

Local fiat currency withdrawal

Why chose GeoPay

Faster settlements

We use the blockchain network to process instant payments anywhere in the world


Our lightning network integration allows to eliminate the bitcoin network 30-1hour timeframe

Cost effective

GeoPay transaction fees are below market at less than 3% for cross-border payments and 0% fee for domestic transactions

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Deposit and Withdraw directly into your card
Secure Payments
Cryptographic transactions

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